Tricks For a Picky

Luna the Golden Retriever refuses to eat her food…

Her owner got creative and figured out some tricks to get her to eat dog food.

Check out how to deal with a picky dog. 🙂

Is yours a picky eater?

Watch & Smile:

Drooling for Treats

Tucker is an adorable and obedient Golden Retriever.

In the video, he’s waiting patiently for a treat but his drooling reaction to the delay is just ADORABLE.

Good things come to those who wait! 🙂

Does your dog act the same way?

Watch & Smile:

Goldens & Cancer

Golden Retrievers are really prone to cancer.

Unfortunately, 60 % of Golden Retrievers will get cancer.

Here’s what some brave dogs and their people are doing about this fact.

There’s Hope!

How brave are these dogs on a scale from 1-10?

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