Surfing Dog Reunites With Boy

This Golden changed everything for this little boy, years ago…

Ricochet loves to surf and helped this little boy named Ian who’d been in a terrible accident.

It’s been 10 years since the accident, and Ian can’t wait to see the dog who changed his life.

Does your Golden like kids?

Golden Retrievers Help Toddler Escape Her Room So She Can Give Them Snacks

A few days ago, Chloe’s mother found her wandering in the hallway first thing the other morning…

She’s only 15-month-old and as she can’t reach the doorknob in her room yet, this was surprising to say the least!

It seems she had a little help from her furry big siblings Bleu and Colby.

M.E.K. Photography/Malorie Forakis

Lately Chloe has been dropping food for them from their bin, so they figured she must be good to help feed them breakfast.

So, the pups would eventually transform that adorable, innocent baby into their own little partner in crime.

It was just when Chloe’s parents were watching the footage from the camera inside her that they realized what happened: The dogs had helped her escape on the promise of an early breakfast.

These three will for sure be best friends forever!

Goldens are the best!

Small Dog & Golden Retriever

Lara the Bichon Frise thinks Gilda the Golden Retriever is a pony for her to ride.

In the video, they are taking a walk in the yard!

This is like the cutest silliest pup ever. 🙂

Does your dog have a small friend like this?

Watch & Smile:

Father & Son

These Golden Retrievers are having so much fun…

Barney the dad refuses to let Clyde his son have the ball. 🙂

Clyde just looks adorable!

How many Goldens do you have in life?

Watch & Smile:

Mud Bath

Cooper the Golden Retriever is being naughty!

He’s having a mud bath and he really enjoys it. 🙂

It seems Copper is going to need a long soapy bath after this…

What makes your dog happy?

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